catalano , η άλλη λέξη στον χώρο του μπάνιου

At Cersaie in Bologna, Catalano introduces a re-organization of Zero Program products, selecting and stressing their basic geometric matrixes. So, the Program Zero nowadays is made up of only one group morphologically homogeneous: Zero, ZeroDomino, ZeroKono and Zero WCs and bidets are based on geometric regular matrixes while Zero+, ZeroLight, Zero Wcs and bidets + and Light, are clearly marked by an elliptical matrix. Among the new products introduced there is the Zero 50 semicircular washbasin which preserves, in this different shape, the same versatility of the corresponding squared one item. This new washbasin can be equipped with a dedicated chrome-brass towel-rail and an under-washbasin container.

Στο Cersaie στην Μπολόνια, η Catalano πρωτοπορεί και εισάγει μια αναδιοργάνωση καινοτόμων προϊόντων Zero Πρόγραμμα, επιλογή που τονίζονται οι βασικές γεωμετρικές γραμμές